Takumi-Ya (Japanese Restaurant)


Takumi-Ya (Japanese Restaurant)

Japanese Yakiniku

Originated from Yokohama, Japan, our Yakiniku restaurant held a good long history with our customers. Praise form our patrons everyday has not stopped us from making your Yakiniku experience more enjoyable. Imported from Japan, our meats are of best qualities and service with second to none. We now venture in Yangon, Myanmar to serve the best of Japanese Style Yakiniku with quality service.

“Yakiniku” means thin slice of meat grilled at the table DIY style or by server. Best serve with chef’s recipes soy sauce base dipping sauce.

Shabu Shabu

Dip into hot soup for about 5 second and you can enjoy your meat with your favorite sauce. Low temperature heat is recommended for vegetables.

Contact : 4th Floor, Novotel Yangon Max, Yangon, Myanmar: Te. +(959) 2617 66525 + (959) 2617 66526 www.facebook.com/Takumiya.yangon